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Latest SMS Alert

11/25/2014 07:05 MU, 25 NOV: Overnight, IF arrested one Pal. who tried to cross into the Green Line E of Kissufim, E of KY.
11/24/2014 07:30 MU, 24 NOV: Overnight, IF opened fire toward 3 Pal. Who tried to cross into the Green Line E of Kerem Shalom. 2 of them were arrested and the other one was injured.
11/22/2014 07:30 MU, 22 NOV: Over the past 2 days, IF arrested 5 Pal. who tried to cross into the Green Line near Kissufim, KY and Kerem Shalom, RA. IF opened fire toward E of the Eastern Cemetery, NG. 1 injury was reported. PFLP organized a demo. in Al Nusseirat and Al Bureij, MA, in support of Al Aqsa Mosque.
11/19/2014 10:50 19 NOV, 1050: Initial reports of border fire near E of Beit Hanoun, NG. NGO staff advised to avoid the area.
11/18/2014 07:35 MU, 18 NOV: Overnight, INF opened fire toward W of Beit Lahiya, NG. IF opened fire toward 2 Pal. who tried to cross into the Green Line in MA. No injuries were reported.

Bi-Weekly Report

Biweekly Report (16-29 OCT 2014)
Biweekly Report (02-15 OCT 2014)


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