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1 12/18/2014 11:45

18 DEC, 1145: Initial reports of an explosion in a training site in Rafah. Causalities reported. Updates to follow as received.

2 12/18/2014 11:40

UPDATE: 18 DEC, 1140: The sit-in near (Arba/Arba) checkpoint has ended.

3 12/18/2014 10:18

18 DEC, 1015: Initial reports that some Fatah members called for a demo. to be held in the Unknown Solider Park, GC, at 1100. NGO staff advised to avoid gatherings. Updates to follow as received.

4 12/18/2014 08:45

Reminder: Refugees Popular Committees are organizing a sit-in today near (Arba/Arba) check point. The road will be CLOSED from 1030-1330. NGO staff advised to plan their movements accordingly.

5 12/18/2014 07:17

MU, 18 DEC: Overnight, INF opened fire toward W of Al Sudaniyeh, NG. IF opened fire toward N of Beit Lahiya, NG. No injuries were reported.

6 12/17/2014 13:25

17 DEC, 1325: Refugees Popular Committees are planning to organize a sit-in tomorrow at 1100hrs at (Arba/ Arba) check point. The road will be closed by the tents. NGO staff advised to plan accordingly.

7 12/14/2014 08:45

14 DEC, 0845: Hamas movement will organize a military parade in GC. The demonstrators will move from Gaza port through Ansar Junction, Al Thalateni st., Al Azhar junction, Omar Al Mukhtar st. and finally to Al Jalaa street in front of YMCA. Roads will be closed starting from 0900. NGO staff advised to avoid the mentioned areas.

8 12/14/2014 07:30

MU, 14 DEC: Overnight, IF opened fire toward E of Abassan, KY. No injuries were reported.

9 12/13/2014 07:30

MU, 13 DEC: Overnight, an explosion took place in the French cultural center in GC. 1 injury reported. IF opened fire toward Pal. near the Eastern Cemetery, NG. 4 injures reported. Pal. ops. fired 1 rocket toward the Green Line, but the rocket dropped short and landed in the Pal. terr. An IED exploded accidently inside a house in E of Jabalia, NG. 4 injuries reported. IF arrested 2 Pal. who tried to cross the Green Line near E of Al Bureij, MA. More details via email.

10 12/11/2014 07:25

MU, 11 DEC: Overnight, 2 IEDs exploded in front of Yaboos Society in Rafah. 2 injuries were reported. A family dispute erupted between 2 families in Beach Camp, GC. No injuries were reported.


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